"Interim House saved my life. It was the first place I had been that all the staff cared about the clients well being. They can change your life if you want it, and I wanted it. At Interim House I learned to be confident, I learned to not be afraid to approach people, and most importantly I learned it was my time. They taught me how to regulate my emotions, to stay positive in the bad times, which won't last forever, and they taught me how to be appreciative of the good times while they last. They gave me a chance when I had no other option."


"Interim House helped me find a lot of patterns I wasn't aware of before and triggers I didn't know I had. I learned to regulate my emotions and feel them instead of numbing them with drugs."
"Interim House taught me how to relate to other people. I learned to care, support and to think about other people besides myself. I had a problem with people, but Interim House helped me to start letting people in."
"I have been in several rehabilitation programs in the last thirty years and this is the absolute best program I have been in. I had mixed feelings going into the program, but when I got there, I was really floored by the professionalism of the staff and program. Every staff member puts something into the program that isn't required and they all care so much about the people here. It's not just a job and a salary to them, it's something they really care about and they make you feel like you're worth it. Interim House made an impression on me; they helped me straighten out my life."
"Interim House gave me back the person that I had kept hidden for years by going drugs. They showed me how to be responsible for myself again. The little things that drugs took away Interim House gave back. Little things like paying rent, washing up, washing clothes, just being able to look human again."
"Interim House has an overall good vibe- it's not the average rehab center. I think the difference is in the caring staff and the at-home environment. I'm very thankful for the program; I believe it saved my life!"
"Interim House was the beginning of my foundation for the healing process. I knew that I was right where I needed to be, amongst other women like myself. Among the loving staff of Interim, I found all that I had been looking for. There was always someone at hand in my time of crisis."