Impact100 Philadelphia awarded Interim House Inc with the high impact grant of $100,000 for its Life Skills and Work Readiness Program. The grant will help women get training and tools to become self-sufficient and independent by providing funding to support a GED tutor, computer instructor and vocational coordinator to provide evidence-based training in the areas of life skills and job training. To find out more about Impact100 click here

Interim House recently received the "Champions in Action" Award by Citizen Bank. You can watch the big reveal on NBC's news channel

The article mentions how a bicycle program for women in transition has affected the women of Interim House positively on their road to recovery and a healthy lifestyle.

Interim House’s trauma-informed care approach and the fact that is has been gaining ground in mental health treatment in general is being discussed by WHYY and Philadelphia Weekly

The program director, Kathy Wellbank, and a current staff and former client, Thelma Yancy, appeared on Community College of Philadelphia's (CCP) Tapestry of Living TV Show, Channel 53, to discuss women and recovery. You can watch the video on YouTube.